The School of Life

During my time in Southeast Asia I discovered The School of Life, an initiative originally put together by a collective of philosophers headed by Alain De Botton, of whom I am a long time fan.

A recurring theme of De Botton’s work has been to modernise  philosophy by relating it more to the everyday wants, needs and issues people face in the world.  This idea has been beautifully realised in The School of Life which is a celebration, not only of historical philosophy and wisdom, but of how that knowledge relates to the modern world.

The School of Life also puts this wisdom into modern discourses delivered through hosted breakfasts, larger ‘Ted-style’ events, public lectures and engagement.

A recent initiative is the publication of The Book of Life, of which  I have been reading and sharing segments over the past year or so and thoroughly recommend.

One recent writing I find particularly salient to the Australian experience concerns how we in the western world deal – or can’t deal, with Losers/ Losing and success.  Check it out.

If you feel uneasy at the direction the world seems to be pushing you – if you feel powerless to push back, I recommend a visit to in the virtual world or, better yet, exercise your brain in the physical world by visiting your nearest branch.

Luckily for me, I am proud to say we have a school right here in Melbourne.


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