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While They Watched is a new South Korean documentary film production that is scheduled for release in 2015.

Using interviews, archive and observational footage this documentary draws on the power of hindsight. The unique angle of the film is that it is set at a future time. The film is looking back on current events from a time where the North Korean regime has fallen – asking important questions such as ‘Why didn’t people do more at the time?’ and ‘Why didn’t our representative act more decisively to stop the atrocities?’.
We want to harness this power of hindsight in order to shake people into action and wonder if more could have done more.

Starring Ex North Korea gulag guards, propaganda agents, underground activists, street protestors, academics, human rights workers, leading NGO’s and defectors.

WHILE THEY WATCHED is currently in the edit room due for release in mid 2015.

For more information contact our press team at:


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