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Australia 2016: election campaign communications to go digital

Marketers and communications professionals should pay close attention during this year’s Federal Election.

dHorizon is looking at the communications trends which will shape our opinions, cultural trends and purchasing habits in 2016.  This week we begin with a look at the innovations that will drive communications from our political leaders.

  • Opportunities for marketers and communications professionals
  • 2016 Federal Election to embrace programmatic advertising and social media content testing
  • Increased data integration as field/ booth and voter files merge with social network data

A recent report concerning government communications spending portends positive times ahead for professionals involved in shaping and delivering public information campaigns (PICs). What remains to be seen is whether recent increased investment in planning and testing for PICs translates into more sophisticated campaigning at the upcoming Federal Election.

If it does, Australians should expect to start receiving more sophisticated political advertising this year as the government borrows techniques from consumer advertising as well as recent US Presidential Elections.

Programmatic to hit the hustings

Whatever your thoughts on the roll out of the NBN, few would argue Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gets digital.  And, as Australia becomes the world leader in the purchase of programmatic advertising among all digital ad spending, expect this tactic to be used widely during the 2016 Federal Election.

If you happen to live in a marginal seat, get ready to receive targeted advertising on your mobile devices.

Data integration to inform advertising/ message creative

As an avowed advocate of better use of big data by the public service, expect the government to begin integrating traditional campaign data with data from social networks and content marketing.

If the government gets its data integration right, voters should expect to be targeted more than ever before with advertising that is informed by the individual’s content consumption. That is, the news and commentaries, advertisements and thought leadership we each read will shape the advertising messages we are fed by political candidates.

Applying online for home loan? Click to read about the ALP’s policy on first home buyer grants.

‘Liking’ a Facebook Group devoted to saving the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s a message from The Hon. Greg Hunt, Australian Minister for the Environment.

Marketing to become more fluid

The party which is prepared to apply fluid content creation informed by data will gain advantage at this year’s Federal Election and the messages which resonate most with voters will be those which are seen as the most authentic.

Trending messages and creative will be favoured over those that tank. Strategists will use content marketing data to integrate and inform other communications channels, including key messages delivered by candidates at door stops and planned media interviews.

If the political campaigns we see in the year ahead maximise the technological and strategic possibilities available there will be much for organisations and professional communicators to learn from – new ways to engage customers and stakeholders, more sophisticated measurement and tracking, and more ‘live’ message and creative development.

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